NEW Major Update today of VDASH-EMU (v1.1-29) for Android, Windows, Linux

NEW Major Update today of VDASH-EMU (v1.1-29) for Android, Windows, Linux



CHANGELOG 2016-10-03:
- general settings, Reset to default no longer display the current page as a blank page
- fonts has been optimized to be correctly displayed when zoomed
- the thumbnail of current page in « Goto Page? » dialog is now different from the others to be quickly identified (redish)
- the shiftlights interface object is now correctly displayed when « straight view » is selected
- the Arrow Image Objects now display correctly the internal alternate arrow when it is set in properties

- new tire view of Tire Temp and Tire Wear object. it has been changed and optimized

- SUPER circular gauge object added,
give a circular design image of gauge and use it as gauge for RPM, Fuel, Speed, Throttle, etc.
It is SUPER POWERFUL and you can control it fully by setting the rotation, alpha, the portion of the circular image you want to display, obviously contains an EVAL field to control the raw telemetry data value, etc., see the circular gauges demo template for playing with this new object

ATTENTION: the new Circular template demo needs the Ring Pack and Arrow Pack in addition to the Circular textures pack. So don’t forget to install these textures pack before loading the template

A new Circular Textures Pack is available today to play with the new Circular gauge object of vdash-emu v1.1-29






SIM Race F1 EMU for Android OS, 100% FREE! Available today… ;)


SIM Race F1 EMU For Android is NOW 100% FREE!

Enjoy this first generation of display EMU with the latest SLIMax Manager Pro today!

Jump to VDASH-EMU when you are ready to get the latest generation of EMUlator and the most powerful Virtual Dash EMU available on Windows, Android and Linux

Run these EMU and enjoy your XBOX ONE and PlayStation 4 games with SLIMax Console Bridge.

Click this link below to download the SIM Race F1 EMU (SRF1EMU.apk) on EKSIMRacing website.

Click YES when SLIMax Manager Pro requests the license:


Related link:
DOWNLOAD latest SLIMax Mgr Pro:


F1 2016 Console Bridge DOWNLOAD and Info

Project CARS Console Bridge DOWNLOAD and Info


NEW F1 2016 Console Bridge For SLIMax Manager Pro



Codemasters F1 2016 Console Bridge available at EKSIMRacing.

After the Project CARS Console Bridge it’s the turn of F1 2016 Console bridge to be available at EKSIMRacing.


F1  2016  Console Bridge (F1_2016ConsoleBridge) allows anyone with a Sony Playstation 4 or an XBOX ONE to play F1 2016 game using any usb device displays or VDASH-EMU (Virtual Dash Emulators ) supported by SLIMax Manager Pro with your Game Console.

Check the EKSIMRacing website for more info…


[WIP] SIM Race LCD Controller (almost done!)

SIM Display in partnership with EKSIMRacing are proud to present you their new baby,

Still a WIP but almost done…This is only a prototype, we are working hard to release this unit ASAP…

Here is the new SIM Race LCD Controller from SIM Display in action:


4.3″ TFT display (standalone display with video composite out an adapter composite/hdmi is needed to connect it to your computer)
15 RPM leds
6 warning leds
4 external leds
32 buttons / 16 encoders
4 rotary switches
2 analog inputs
Mini USB (B) socket
Alternative USB socket
Adjustable brightness

*Optional enclosure

SIM Race LCD License for SLIMax Manager Pro software included
More than 60 simulations/games supported

Powered by SLIMax Manager Pro and VDASH-EMU

You are interested to start a DIY Project to create a modern and custom F1 Steering wheel?

A new powerful and very cheap solution powered by the SLIMax Manager Pro and VDASH-EMU is discussed right now on EKSIMRacing support forum (you must be fully registered as GOLD or PRO to access this area). See you there…


Major update of SLIMax Manager Pro today (v3.4.6.0 )

Major update of SLIMax Manager Pro today (v3.4.6.0 )

CHANGELOG 2016-08-18:
- all settings and setups are NOW IN YOUR DOCUMENTS directory and the manager in your Program Files like any other Windows App.

Read this topic HERE and the CHANGELOG  for more info

- Plugins Updated: Kart Racing Pro and Assetto Corsa
Attention, the new Kart racing Pro BRIDGE must be installed read the plugins page for more info on bridge

- New Codemasters F1 2016 plugins added

- New F1 2016 setups added:

YOU MUST USE THE FULL INSTALLER TO UPDATE YOUR Manager. The full installer will take care of your old setups and licenses and will copy them in the correct directory in your Documents. This process is completly AUTOMATIC, just launch the new installer and that’s it!

The Full Installer v3.4.6.0 is available on website:

if you have a manager version prior to 3.4.6 you need to run the FULL INSTALLER of v3.4.6 to upgrade the SLIMax Manager Pro

[DIY PROJECT] F1 Custom Wheel with 4.3″ Display powered by VDASH-EMU

You are interested to start a DIY Project to create a modern and custom F1 Steering wheel?

A new powerful and very cheap solution powered by the SLIMax Manager Pro and VDASH-EMU is discussed right now on EKSIMRacing support forum (you must be fully registered as GOLD or PRO to access this area). See you there…





NEW Major update of Assetto Corsa Plugins available today!


New maintenance update of SLIMax Manager Pro (v3.4.5):

- including a new MAJOR update of plugins for Assetto Corsa using the new API v1.7. With the new API Delta time is fully usable now and KERS / ERS feedback implemented, see the plugins page for more info

- new setups available as a good start for your custom SLIMax Mgr Pro car setup for Assetto Corsa F1 2013 / 2015 cars

This update is STRONGLY recommended to all Assetto Corsa users.

REMINDER: For all VDASH-EMU owner update both SLIMax Mgr Pro to 3.4.5 or greater and VDASH-EMU to v1.1-25 or greater

if you already have the v3.4.4.0, just « Check For Update » To get the new update and keep your installation up to date,
run the manager and select menu « Check For Update… »
and then click the « Download And Install All » button


New IMPORTANT UPDATE of VDASH-EMU V1.1-25 and SLIMax Mgr Pro v3.4.5

REMINDER: Update both SLIMax Mgr Pro to 3.4.5 and VDASH-EMU to v1.1-25

New IMPORTANT UPDATE of VDASH-EMU Version 1.1-25 and SLIMax Manager Pro version 3.4.5  is OUT!
+ iRacing and R3E plugins updated

Use SLIMax Mgr Pro to « Check For Update » to be up to date and get latest plugins and apps

Go to EKSIMRacing website to download and update your VDASH-EMU emulator to version 1.1-25.

Both SLIMax Mgr Pro and VDASH-EMU must be upated.

see the CHANGELOG for more info…

NEW Display templates to demo the DELTA TIME with iRacing, rFactor2 and other simulations / games is available to download in custom templates section (you need to be registered as GOLD or PRO to access this area).


Franconen organise un jeu concours pour gagner des licenses GOLD!

JEU CONCOURS Franconen . Gagnez des licences GOLD – VDASH-EMU offertes par EKSIMRacing.

Il suffit juste de trouver d’où sont extraits ces morceaux de vidéos, bonne chance :)

PS: VDASH-EMU fonctionne sur Windows, Android et Linux avec plus de 60 jeux ou simulations et uniquement avec le jeu Project CARS sur consoles PS4/XBox ONE.

Répondez lui en MP sur sa page Facebook :fb-art

NEW Version of VDASH-EMU is OUT! + 1 Custom Display Template!

Today a big UDATE of VDASH-EMU for Android, Windows and Linux IS OUT!

version (1.1-24)

Changelog 2016-06-23

bug fix:
- hallo of RPM Led fixed
- deep for control objects (button, encoder, switch) fixed
- list in dialog to get templates/background/image fixed
- yellow rectangle selection after copy of object fixed
- other minor bugs fixed

- External LED object have an alternate view like the Marshal Led object

- NEW Super Gauge Object with super-power! :)
This new object is very useful, it displays almost ALL telemetry values as a Std gauge or Cursor Gauge or Level gauge.
Check the latest display template named « Super Gauge Demo »

- NEW custom display template added with extensive use of the new Super Gauge Object.

Again, a cool update to give you the total control of your gameware ;)

As usual, check the website to download the latest VDASH-EMU and the support forum for the new template and background.


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