NEW Version of VDASH-EMU is OUT! + 1 Custom Display Template!

Today a big UDATE of VDASH-EMU for Android, Windows and Linux IS OUT!

version (1.1-24)

Changelog 2016-06-23

bug fix:
– hallo of RPM Led fixed
– deep for control objects (button, encoder, switch) fixed
– list in dialog to get templates/background/image fixed
– yellow rectangle selection after copy of object fixed
– other minor bugs fixed

– External LED object have an alternate view like the Marshal Led object

– NEW Super Gauge Object with super-power! 🙂
This new object is very useful, it displays almost ALL telemetry values as a Std gauge or Cursor Gauge or Level gauge.
Check the latest display template named “Super Gauge Demo”

– NEW custom display template added with extensive use of the new Super Gauge Object.

Again, a cool update to give you the total control of your gameware 😉

As usual, check the website to download the latest VDASH-EMU and the support forum for the new template and background.