New IMPORTANT UPDATE of VDASH-EMU V1.1-25 and SLIMax Mgr Pro v3.4.5

REMINDER: Update both SLIMax Mgr Pro to 3.4.5 and VDASH-EMU to v1.1-25

New IMPORTANT UPDATE of VDASH-EMU Version 1.1-25 and SLIMax Manager Pro version 3.4.5  is OUT!
+ iRacing and R3E plugins updated

Use SLIMax Mgr Pro to “Check For Update” to be up to date and get latest plugins and apps

Go to EKSIMRacing website to download and update your VDASH-EMU emulator to version 1.1-25.

Both SLIMax Mgr Pro and VDASH-EMU must be upated.

see the CHANGELOG for more info…

NEW Display templates to demo the DELTA TIME with iRacing, rFactor2 and other simulations / games is available to download in custom templates section (you need to be registered as GOLD or PRO to access this area).