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Codemasters Proxy Server (CMPS v2.4.3.2) Updated!

Quick Maintenance today of Codemaster Proxy Server (2017-09-02 v2.4.3.2)

– conformity with Codemasters API v5 (F1 2017)

This proxy server (integrated in SLIMax Manager Pro and available alone as well ) is 100% FREE! and will get around the limitation of Codemasters games to manage the telemetry for more than one device or app ( Up to 50 devices/apps on local or remote PC can be used simultaneously ). Read the info on CMPS page of EKSIMRacing website and watch the video tutorial for more info.


Codemasters F1 2017 PC/Steam/XB1/PS4 Plugins Updated

Last update (and final version) of the F1 2017 plugins today just before the release of the new Codemasters F1 2017 game

– conformity with latest Codemasters API v5 (1.3 build, including PC/Steam and Console XB1/PAS4 Bridge versions)

To get the latest updates (v3.4.6.2 or greater must be already installed),
run the manager and select menu « Check For Update… »
and then click the « Download And Install All » button

ATTENTION: if you have a version prior to v3.4.6.2 you need to download and install the FULL INSTALLER of SLIMax Manager Pro to get the new updates

BE SURE TO use the latest version with the latest patch of F1 2017 (patch must be apply to boxed version of the game) and obviously to CHECK FOR UPDATE using SLIMax Manager Pro to get the latest plugins version.

Check the EKSIMRacing F1 2017 Plugins page for more info…

SLIMax Manager Pro v3.4.6.2 Ready For DiRT 4!

DiRT 4 is now OUT and I strongly suggest to all the latecomers to get the full installer of SLIMax Mgr Pro v3.4.6.2 and CHECK FOR UPDATE to get the latest plugins and enjoy this new opus from Codies with your sim-rig (if you already have the v3.4.6.2 installed just hit the Check For Update menu as usual ).

Attention: the UDP API has changed.
PAUSE the game in this first release of DiRT 4 is a TRUE PAUSE which means the telemetry data are freezed during the pause and you no longer can change the SLIMax car setup during the pause. Set the car setup before entering the stage as you do it in real life.

I strongly suggest to REVIEW YOUR CODE or unexpected things may happen during the pause!



Useful Links:

NEW SLIMax Manager Pro (2017-06-07 v3.4.6.2a)

Click to go to DiRT 4 Plugins Page Information



SLIMax Manager Pro version is OUT! New Manager, New Plugins and New EMU!

BIG UPDATE TODAY of SLIMax Manager Pro, VDASH-EMU Familly and New Plugins available (version )

and NEW version of VDASH-EMU 1.1-32b available as well

This version is ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED to get the new plugins, use the FULL INSTALLER available on EKSIMRacing website to upgrade.

Changelog 2017-05-26 (abstract)

– [MAIN CHANGE] Internal Plugins Interface improved with a lot more telemetry data to be used by the VDASH-EMU and new devices

ALL PLUGINS 32 Bit and 64 Bit have been recompiled to take benefit of the new plugins interface v7 of SLIMax Mgr Pro

– Codemasters F1 2017 Beta Plugins is included to let lucky guys selected by the Codemasters Beta Test program to enjoy the new Codies F1 title with your sim-rig.

– Codemasters DiRT 4 Plugins included, update your SLIMax Manager Pro to be ready for the upcoming DIRT4 from Codemasters (REMINDER: should be released the 9 June )

Project CARS 2 Plugins now included with the full installer, REMINDER2: we are waiting for your feedback in EKSIMRacing support forum to improve the P.CARS 2 plugins…

Assetto Corsa Plugins UPDATED today to be conform with latest A.C. API 1.14.x (Win Speed/direction added)

VDASH-EMU must be updated as well see the vdash-emu changelog for more information…

SLIMax Manager Pro net code has been optimized to send more telemetry data to the EMU without losing performance, on the contrary SLIMax Mgr Pro is even faster

– A new splash screen has been done

– bunch of minor bugs fixed as usual

Codematers Proxy Server (CMPS app) has been updated as well to manage the new upcoming DiRT 4 (API version 3 ) and F1 2017 (API version 5 ) games.


FULL INSTALLER of SLIMax Mgr Pro v3.4.6.2 available for download on website


UPDATED: A new templates for VDASH-EMU using the latest behaviors are available for download:

NEW F1 2016 Console Bridge For SLIMax Manager Pro



Codemasters F1 2016 Console Bridge available at EKSIMRacing.

After the Project CARS Console Bridge it’s the turn of F1 2016 Console bridge to be available at EKSIMRacing.


F1  2016  Console Bridge (F1_2016ConsoleBridge) allows anyone with a Sony Playstation 4 or an XBOX ONE to play F1 2016 game using any usb device displays or VDASH-EMU (Virtual Dash Emulators ) supported by SLIMax Manager Pro with your Game Console.

Check the EKSIMRacing website for more info…


[NEW] SLIMax Manager Pro v3.4.4 is out!


SLIMax Manager Pro v3.4.4 is out!


The update is free for all current registered users.

– time to detect EMUlators at startup has been divided by 10+
– new emulator SLIMax Virtual Dash supported (the new VDASH-EMU is still in development and available in beta group forum of EKSIMRacing, registration required )
– full support of Logitech G29 / G920 steering wheels which join the Logitech wheels family (G25/G27)
– new Fanatec SDK to support new hardware
– support of the CSP v3 Throttle rumble motor in addition to brake rumble motor
– important plugins updatesand new game plugins added
– OSP factor coef bug fixed (your car setups may need an adjustment of the Optimal ShiftPoints Factor (OSP Factor) )
– better management of Optimal ShiftPoint per gear to fine tune the OSP curve ( range increased, RPM threshold values for each gear preview added in the wizard)
– preview of RPM threshold in Shiftlights Percentage Method wizard
– a dialog invite the user to select the menu « Check for update… » on first run to download latest plugins and keep your installation up to date
– traditional bugs fix and optimization to increase stability and performance

The full installer is available on EKSIMRacing website

Read the CHANGELOG for more details…

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[UPDATED] SLIMax Manager Pro v3.4.4 rc2 is OUT!


SLIMax Manager Pro v3.4.4 RC2 is now available HERE with an important problem with auto-updater fixed and obviously, the new Plugins for the great RaceRoom  Racing Experience ( R3E) of Sector3 Studios.


CHANGELOG 2015-10-16:

The new SLIMax Manager Pro v3.4.4 rc1 is OUT!

A FULL INSTALLER is available, see OPEN BETA forum to download

if you already have the v3.4.3.90, just “Check For Update” To get the new update and keep your installation up to date,
run the manager and select menu “Check For Update…
and then click the “Download And Install All” button

SLIMax Manager Pro Edition contains all features of previous SLIMax Mgr and supports current and future devices and Emulators for Android. The update is FREE for all registered users.

Also, a new SLIMax Mgr product has been started to deliver a basic game device manager for casual racers and contains the essential of the Pro edition.



[UPDATED] Something NEW is coming for the Cupertino’s fanboys! (video)

[OUTDATED] and no longer available (not enough racing titles on Mac, sorry).



Thanks For Watching

SLIMax Manager For Mac OS X is coming soon… and is FREE for all current registered users!

Your current device license works with Windows with more than 60 simulations and games supported but also with Mac OS X version. 😉

This preview of SLIMax Manager For Mac OS X has been successfully tested with Mac OS X 10.9 and 10.10

This “Tech-Preview” of the manager is almost ready and will be available for download in June. The release date of final version is not yet scheduled.

Games Supported in this alpha version:

Codemasters F1 2013 Steam
Codemasters GRID 2 Steam

Devices Supported in this alpha version:

SIM Race F1 from SIM Display
SIM Race GT from SIM Display
SIM Race Deluxe from SIM Display
SIM Race Pro from SIM Display

Leo Bodnar SLI-F1, SLI-PRO, SLI-M

Visite our website for more info: