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Big Update Today of VDASH-EMU (v1.1-32f 2017-10-19)

Big update today of VDASH-EMU (v1.1-32f 2017-10-19)

This version follows the availability of the new EKSIMRacing VToR (Virtual To real) USB Controller which let you use your virtual buttonbox of VDASH-EMU as A REAL ButtonBox with more than 60 games and simulations.

EKSIMRacing Virtual To Real (VToR) in action with RaceRoom Racing Experience (R3E) Assign the controls as a real button-box! ;)

The VDASH-EMU v1.1-32f enhances all features related to button-box controls and gives you endless possibilities of creation. Some very useful new objects have been added to give you a maximum control of your custom templates.

Changelog 201-10-19:

– added object Ctrl Image Push Button, contains 2 images UP and DOWN to create a push button, any png or jpeg image can be used to create the button with infinite custom designs
– added object Image Flag, is a Flag object visible or not visible triggered by the state of a Marshal or External Led or an EVAL Math expression, very useful for example to illuminate your controls or to warn the driver when a flag is set with a big frontmost image (green, yellow, blue, red, black, checkerboard, start of race, …)

– All DATA (telemetry) objects have now 2 options for the EVAL field (which contains a math or logical expression)
EVAL Value which computes and displays dynamically the telemetry value
EVAL Visibility which computes the EVAL expression and displays the data only if the result is > 0

Very useful when for example you want to display a telemetry data like the Brake Biais when its value is updated (a common behavior of F1 Steering wheel display)

NEW EVAL functions available:
buttonState(n) result 0 or 1 – (n is the index of the button from 1 to 32)

ledState(n) result 0 or 1 (n is the index of the LED; Marshal Led from 1 to 6; External Led from 7 to 13)

isChanged() result 1 when the DATA (telemetry) has been changed

if you want to show an image when button 5 is pressed, put in EVAL Field of an Image Flag object:

if you want to show the brake biais when its value is updated, Tick the EVAL Visibility checkbox and put in EVAL Field of an DATA Brake BIAIS object:

NEW Menus

Hide Selection to hide the selected object
Show All to show all objects previously hidden

– a bunch of minors bugs have been fixed as well

NEW BUTTONBOX Textures Pack available today as well!

to go with the new version of VDASH-EMU v32f a new pack of textures has been created with a lot of buttons ready to use. A cool textures pack (free of charge) for creating your custom button-box easily.

Go to the DOWNLOAD Textures Pack forum to  download the new Buttonbox Pack


The update is available today for Android, Windows and Linux and 100% free for all registered users.

Go to website to download using the corresponding EMU Button:

GREEN =For Android Tablet/Phone;
PURPLE=For SIM Display SIM Race LCD Device;
BLUE= For Windows PC/Laptop/Tablet;
ORANGE=For Embedded Linux devices

and install it over the current installation.


EKSIMRacing Virtual To Real (VToR) Is NOW OUT!

It’s Magic! and It’s Here Today!

EKSIMRacing is proud to announce the availability of the Virtual To Real (VToR) technology which literally turn your virtual button-box included with VDASH-EMU  (virtual racing display emulator for Android/Windows/Linux) to a REAL Button-Box!

Plug the EKSIMRacing VToR Controller to the usb port. The Controller is based on Teensy-LC from PJRC ($12 only) + a 100% FREE EKSIMRacing custom firmware,
Run your VDASH-EMU and load your favorite button-box layout,
Launch SLIMax Mgr Pro v3.4.6.3+,
and then like any physical button-box, go to the game settings and assign your buttons/encoders!

Simple as that!

This works on every games or simulations. A new powerful feature for VDASH-EMU available today for download as a free update for all registered users!

Check the User guide for more info available in US/UK/FRANCAIS and ITALIANO.




EKSIMRacing Virtual To Real (VToR) in action with RaceRoom Racing Experience (R3E)

Assign the controls a a real button-box!

DISABLE NATIVE SUPPORT OF FANATEC in Automobilista and rFactor 2

DISABLE NATIVE SUPPORT OF FANATEC in Automobilista and rFactor 2:

For all sim racer using Automobilista and Fanatec hardware (including OSW MMOS + Fanatec mod) don’t forget to DEACTIVATE  the native support of Fanatec LEDs/Digits. Since the latest patch of AMS they have added a basic implementation of the Fanatec LEDs/Digits and you need, like for rF2, to disable completely this feature.

See the plugins page and faq for more info

Follow this link bellow to deactivate the NATIVE SUPPORT OF FANATEC in Automobilista and rFactor 2 by editing your controller INI (or JSON for rFactor 2)

rFactor 2:


REMINDER: This is very important to deactivate the native support to let SLIMax Manager Pro manages the leds and Digits of your steering wheel using your favorite simulation.

NEW SLIMax Mgr Pro – D-PAD, HAT-SWITCH Management Improved

Quick Maintenance Today (2017-07-05 – v3.4.6.2e)

D-PAD/HAT SWITCH management improved to include a “release state” like a true button
This improvement is applicable to
Fanatec P1 Rim,
All Steering wheel with d-pad including
Steelseries SRW-S1,


To get the latest updates (v3.4.6.2 or greater must be already installed),
run the manager and select menu « Check For Update… »
and then click the « Download And Install All » button

The FULL Installer v3.4.6.2e is available for download on website as well

ATTENTION: if you have a version prior to v3.4.6.2 you need to download and install the FULL INSTALLER of SLIMax Manager Pro to get the new updates


NEW SLIMax Manager Pro v3.4.6.2d Available Today!

Maintenance of SLIMax Manager Pro today
(version – 2017-06-27)


BIG IMPROVEMENT of the Basic Setup Options Dialog
3 USER LEVELS added to filter the dialog and display more or less settings. Create a car setup has never been so easy.
BASIC LEVEL contains essential settings to get started.
STD LEVEL contains the basic settings including Optimal Shift-Points (see the doc for more info on OSP).
EXPERT LEVEL is recommended for users who are more comfortable with SLIMax Mgr Pro.

check the Basic Setup Options manual for more info…

To get the latest updates (v3.4.6.2 or greater must be already installed),
run the manager and select menu « Check For Update… »
and then click the « Download And Install All » button

ATTENTION: if you have a version prior to v3.4.6.2 you need to download and install the FULL INSTALLER of SLIMax Manager Pro to get the new updates

The FULL INSTALLER of version v3.4.6.2d is also available for download on website


SLIMax Manager Pro v3.4.6.2 Ready For DiRT 4!

DiRT 4 is now OUT and I strongly suggest to all the latecomers to get the full installer of SLIMax Mgr Pro v3.4.6.2 and CHECK FOR UPDATE to get the latest plugins and enjoy this new opus from Codies with your sim-rig (if you already have the v3.4.6.2 installed just hit the Check For Update menu as usual ).

Attention: the UDP API has changed.
PAUSE the game in this first release of DiRT 4 is a TRUE PAUSE which means the telemetry data are freezed during the pause and you no longer can change the SLIMax car setup during the pause. Set the car setup before entering the stage as you do it in real life.

I strongly suggest to REVIEW YOUR CODE or unexpected things may happen during the pause!



Useful Links:

NEW SLIMax Manager Pro (2017-06-07 v3.4.6.2a)

Click to go to DiRT 4 Plugins Page Information



Maintenance Update of VDASH-EMU Today (2017-06-06 v1.1-32b)

Important Maintenance Update of VDASH-EMU Today (2017-06-06 v1.1-32b)

This is a recommended update, do not forget to update your SLIMax Mgr Pro to version

CHANGELOG 2017-06-06:

Bugs Fixed:
– the status bar wrongly report a bad slimax mgr pro version or license
– non persistent EVAL expression in the Tire Wear object
– “NEW LABEL” was no longer in first position in Label menu

– in addition to RAW CAR SPEED data in m/s the CAR SPEED KMH and CAR SPEED MPH have been added to telemetry Data object

– 2 super powerful arrow objects named “Super Arrow Gauge” and “Super Arrow Image Gauge” have been added
These new objects let you create almost any analog car dial, the arrow can be use with any telemetry data speed, rpm, temp, press, fuel, pedals, wind direction, tire wear, suspension, … obviously the Super Arrow Image Gauge object allows you to use an image for the arrow.

Tutorials are  available in support forum of EKSIMRacing and you can download the Arrow Texture Pack and Ring Texture Pack to get started with these objects.


SLIMax Manager Pro version is OUT! New Manager, New Plugins and New EMU!

BIG UPDATE TODAY of SLIMax Manager Pro, VDASH-EMU Familly and New Plugins available (version )

and NEW version of VDASH-EMU 1.1-32b available as well

This version is ABSOLUTELY REQUIRED to get the new plugins, use the FULL INSTALLER available on EKSIMRacing website to upgrade.

Changelog 2017-05-26 (abstract)

– [MAIN CHANGE] Internal Plugins Interface improved with a lot more telemetry data to be used by the VDASH-EMU and new devices

ALL PLUGINS 32 Bit and 64 Bit have been recompiled to take benefit of the new plugins interface v7 of SLIMax Mgr Pro

– Codemasters F1 2017 Beta Plugins is included to let lucky guys selected by the Codemasters Beta Test program to enjoy the new Codies F1 title with your sim-rig.

– Codemasters DiRT 4 Plugins included, update your SLIMax Manager Pro to be ready for the upcoming DIRT4 from Codemasters (REMINDER: should be released the 9 June )

Project CARS 2 Plugins now included with the full installer, REMINDER2: we are waiting for your feedback in EKSIMRacing support forum to improve the P.CARS 2 plugins…

Assetto Corsa Plugins UPDATED today to be conform with latest A.C. API 1.14.x (Win Speed/direction added)

VDASH-EMU must be updated as well see the vdash-emu changelog for more information…

SLIMax Manager Pro net code has been optimized to send more telemetry data to the EMU without losing performance, on the contrary SLIMax Mgr Pro is even faster

– A new splash screen has been done

– bunch of minor bugs fixed as usual

Codematers Proxy Server (CMPS app) has been updated as well to manage the new upcoming DiRT 4 (API version 3 ) and F1 2017 (API version 5 ) games.


FULL INSTALLER of SLIMax Mgr Pro v3.4.6.2 available for download on website


UPDATED: A new templates for VDASH-EMU using the latest behaviors are available for download:

10 & 6 Years Anniversaries!


To celebrate the 10 years of EKSIMRacing company with a total dedication to sim racing and the 6 years of continuous improvements of SLIMax Manager (Pro) software and obviously the AMAZING supports from all users since the beginning.

The license price (minimum donation to the project) is now dropped to $5 with a FULL access to support and exclusive content.

More than 60 simulations/games supported
by SLIMax Manager Pro version  today

Hardware supported:

FREE (with No License Needed):

Fanatec ClubSport Wheel Base,
Fanatec ClubSport Wheel Base v2,
Fanatec ClubSport Wheel Base v2.5,
Fanatec ClubSport Pedals Set v1,
Fanatec ClubSport Pedals Set v2,
Fanatec ClubSport Pedals Set v3,
Fanatec ClubSport Pedals Set v3i,
Fanatec CSL Elite (including Pedals Set),
Fanatec CSR,
Fanatec Porsche Turbo,
Fanatec Porsche Carrera,
Fanatec Porsche 911 Turbo S,
Fanatec Porsche 911 GT2,
Fanatec Porsche 911 GT3 v2,
Fanatec ClubSport Shifter,
Fanatec ClubSport Handbrake

OSW Fanatec Teensy (LC) Mod (use Fanatec rim with your direct drive solution)

SIM Display SIM Race LCD
SIM Display SIM Race F1
SIM Display SIM Race GT
SIM Display SIM Race Deluxe
SIM Display SIM Race Pro

SRF1-EMU (Free SIM Race F1 virtual display emulator for Android)

Leo bodnar BU0710 old USB SLI display

Logitech G27 full led support

Logitech G29 full led support

and $5 license only for:

SLIMax VDASH-EMU (Virtual Racing Display Emulator for Android, Windows and Linux)
4 displays ready + 44 pages to create your own ‘second screen’

Leo bodnar SLI-F1
Leo bodnar SLI-PRO
Leo bodnar SLI-M

Steelseries SRW-S1


SLIMax Manager Pro (in short)

Get the advanced and professional game devices and display emulators manager to take the control of your gameware on your favorite games and simulations. A powerful tool for Windows OS to enjoy your usb device display and your virtual racing dash emulator for Windows, Android and Linux with more than 60 racing games or simulations.

A MACRO system (simulate keystrokes sequence) is integrated as well to “drive” your favorite simulation/game with your virtual or real buttonbox (like the famous DSD products) or any control (buttons, encoders, switches) available on your sim-rig.


Media (with our software in action):

For more info visit:

I take this opportunity to THANK YOU AGAIN SINCERELY!


Your comments and feedback are always appreciated, take 1 minute to Tell Us What You Think, thanks



SimracingBay Simucube OSW Kit! Recommended!

We received at EKSIMRacing  the Simucube OSW Kit from SimRacingBay yesterday and today we’re already on track! 🙂

The feeling is absolutely fantastic and the more I improve the ffb parameters the more the feeling is accurate and detailed.

Our display devices and emulators manager SLIMax Manager Pro works really well with Fanatec Teensy mod and it is great to be able to use the Fanatec rim “as is” with the QR adapter provided in option with the OSW Kit.

SLIMax Manager Pro takes care of LED, 3xDigits panel and CSP Motors of Fanatec hardware as well as all display devices (USB display devices from SIM Display, SRW-S1, SLI-PRO, …) and emulators (VDASH-EMU) connected.

I strongly recommend the OSW Kit from SimRacingBay to all guys who want to enjoy quickly their sim-rig with a PRO Direct Drive solution.

REMINDER: using the Fanatec hardware with SLIMax Manager Pro is 100% free!

Getting Started with Fanatec and SLIMax Manager Pro: